Fading On

Carry on down this long lone highway

The morning waves pass by

Found solace in the sound of my heartache

We’re lifted by the shape of a fire


Damn shame we’ll collapse in the wrong way

The court holds a truth and a lie 

I have yet to reset this old ballgame

Let Visions of visions ignite


All along we belonged at the parlay

The wicked burn turned in time

Real pain won’t echo in a dark place

So let go and explore the mind


Where we come from, blood runs sideways

Kneel down to re-sight the blind

Slipped quick on thin ice we are sliding

The time to hold on to is now

Fading on - as someone I could be

Carry on - with reason to believe


Born blessed just vest in a corn maze

A rainstorm will brainstorm just fine

remember to embrace your becoming

A mothers wish molds to mine

Where we came from blood ran sideways 

and currents carve land in time
memories come and ricochet 

and senses will blend into sound


Fading on - as someone I should be

Carry on - with reason to believe