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How to Tame Your Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are highly intelligent dogs. You'll really start to notice this around six months of age. But right from the start, I always felt like my little Boston understood what I was saying. And that only made breaking in easier for my Boston Terrier. Since most Boston Terriers don't bark much, i.e. don't tell them to go potty, I decided to use the bell technique.If you are unfamiliar with this technique, teach your dog to ring a bell to alert you that he needs a potty break. It took my Boston Terrier about a week to be potty trained using this technique. I recommend it to everyone. That's how I ran it.

I bought a sled bell at a craft store and tied it to the end of a shoelace. I then hung my shoelace on the doorknob so the bell was hanging at the level of the dog's nose. If you are thinking about getting a Boston Terrier I think you should know the typical characteristics of a Boston Terrier when it comes to bedrooms. Some people might think what the Boston Terrier does in bed sucks, I just find it adorable. You can expect on this our website One thing I learned in obedience training is that I know how much my Boston Terrier loves to play with other dogs, especially big ones.

As my Boston Terrier is an only child, she was very nervous on her first day of school. I had no idea how he would act around other dogs. The only time he's been around other people is on short trips to Petco, and he usually rides in the cart. To my delight, he loves other dogs so much that I am considering getting a second dog so my Boston Terrier will have a companion around the house to play with. As I've said before on this blog, Isaac, my Boston Terrier, is the first dog I've ever owned.And this is all new territory for me. So now my question to all of you, would you recommend multiple dogs instead of just one?


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